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August 2008

Ads on Nuclear Threat Removed From Convention Airports - Common Dreams

TinyURL with a (questionable) revenue model: Adjix and Linkbee - CNET News
Thanks to the restriction on the length of posts in nanoblog services like Twitter , the world needs URL shortening services like TinyURL and similar sites . The shortening services are free, though. So one has to ask, how do they make money? And

Billboard company pulls anti-nuke ad from 2nd airport - First Amendment Center
DENVER — An advertisement at Denver International Airport opposing nuclear weapons has been removed by the same advertising company that took down a similar ad at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Clear Channel Outdoor removed the ads placed by the

No Nukes? It’s No Billboards - New York Times Blogs
Hoping to draw the public’s attention to the threat of nuclear weaponry, an issue that both presumptive candidates for president regularly mention on the campaign trail, the Union of Concerned Scientists purchased a pair of billboards at the

Book Review: The Learners by Chip Kidd -
Just answer off the top of your head. I'll wait. Not sure? Confused? Then welcome to the world of Happy, the conversational first-person narrator of Chip Kidd's The Learners. Happy gets to answer questions like that — or play word association and

Tattle: Microsoft ads Seinfeld to campaign - Philadelphia Daily News
HOPING TO become as wealthy as Bill Gates , if he's not there already, Jerry Seinfeld will appear in Microsoft's next Windows advertising campaign. Perhaps the spot will be a spoof of the classic "Seinfeld" episode in which Jerry, George, Kramer and

'Now I've got your attention ' - Guardian Unlimited
If you were the boss of a paparazzi agency, a scene like this would probably figure on your fantasy wishlist. If you were a satirist, you probably couldn't make it up. What the farmer and his family must make of it, I would not dare to even guess

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Web Editor - New Media Age

Memoirs of a fortysomething Olympic hopeful - Chicago Sun-Times
Dreams die hard, especially athletic ones. The difference is today you can do something about it. That's the upbeat if sometimes exasperating message of Off the Deep End, the story of author W. Hodding Carter's attempt at age 45 to attain his long

Legal blogs: isn’t it time British lawyers staked their claim in the - Times Online
Should law firms have blogs? In America they are all the rage. Just about every self-respecting law professor has one, many firms believe them to be a must-have accoutrement, and even one or two judges have got in the act. In Britain only a handful

How To Evaluate A Web Site Trustworthiness and Credibility -
Most people rely on small trusted groups of contacts to get their news and information, but when these arrive from some source outside their trusted circle it is much harder to tell whether certain information is true or not. Authorities used to be

Local band spotlight: The Great Fiction - Detroit Free Press
The lowdown: Founded in 1996 when its members were still preteens, the Great Fiction started as an outgrowth of a church youth group and became a project that has stood the test of time. At first, there were numerous friends-and-family-only releases

AP Exclusive: Crow offers free music to voters - Washington Post
LOS ANGELES -- Sheryl Crow is giving away free music _ a tactic she calls the "Tupperware" party approach to inspiring young people to vote. The Grammy Award-winning singer announced a plan Wednesday to give a digital copy of her album "Detours" to

Cash: Political use of father's name "appalling" - Reuters
NASHVILLE (Billboard) - Rosanne Cash is tired of people using her late father's name to further their own political agendas. The singer-songwriter released a statement on her Web site after country star John Rich invoked the name of Johnny Cash at a

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Companies in the news: - Biz Community

Antarctica Cruise Community Website Attracts Over 700 Users - Yahoo Finance
- Sees Surge in Interest From Passengers of Discovery Cruise Line, Voyages of Discovery Antarctica Discovery ( ), the cruise community website launched in 2007 to offer an updated image of

Digital Press offices List your company - Biz Community is the digital arm of multi-media group Media24 - and SA's #1 online publisher. Incorporating - the country's leading breaking news portal with an audience in excess of 1 million visitors monthly. Since 1993, 3dP New Media has

Communities / Blog Outreach Account Manager - Agency - New Media Age
This leading media agency is bolstering it's creative offering and requires a Communities / Blogger AM. This role involves working with one of the biggest sports brands around, so a keen interest in all things sporty is essential. Ideally, you will

Web Editor - New Media Age
My client a leading digital agency is looking for a Web Editor to manage communications both internally and externally across their website and intranet. This is a varied role involving work online, newsletters and marketing materials in the form of

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Garden Calendar - Seattle Post Intelligencer

When the (lowercase) 'i' has it - Christian Science Monitor
Once upon a time, many years ago, before there was a World Wide Web, a colleague reminded me about how a newspaper needs to be as many things to as many people as possible, even if it can't be all things to all people. Editors need to remember that

Lawrence Lessig's Supreme Showdown - Wired
What's left of a dream is stored at the Stanford Law School library in 12 fat green loose-leaf binders and several legal boxes of supporting documents and briefs. They chronicle the 54 days that Lawrence Lessig, the Elvis of cyberlaw, helped Judge

The Sandwich: Supporting Your Parents, Your Kids and Yourself - CNBC
Joel from Wyoming is feeling the pressure of the "sandwich." He's got his elderly parents to worry about -- one of whom might be moving into long-term care -- a daughter in college and another son about to graduate high school, not to mention his own

Is Sharpe next Broncos great destined for Hall? - Rocky Mountain News
Shannon Sharpe already has a bet in place with one of his closest friends as to whether publicity-shy Gary Zimmerman will be able to speak for more than five minutes at today’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony. “That’s the over-under,” Sharpe

2008 APEX Awards Recognize A.M. Best's News Publications - Earthtimes
OLDWICK, N.J. - (Business Wire) The 20 th annual Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX) competition honored A.M. Best ’ s news publications with six Awards of Excellence. Recognition was given to: BestWeek ® (Newsletters, Print) Best ’ s

'So You Think You Can Dance': Final four are revealed -
It seems like yesterday when this season started, with thousands upon thousands of hopefuls nationwide strutting their stuff for the chance to make it to the finale. Only six remain: Twitch, Katee, Joshua, Courtney, Mark and Chelsie. Who will remain

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